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Knowledgeable Aging® is one of the leaders in providing digital content for the aging population. We offer consumers free access to online webinars, blogs and podcasts focused on making people more knowledgeable regarding problems and issues facing the aging population. We have produced over 190 webinars on topics in the broad fields of finance, health & wellness, housing and legal. Each month, we provide consumers access to our live and archived webinars via our website and various social media platforms. We also provide our webinars to more than 70 public/community TV stations each month for them to broadcast to their more than two million viewers.

In 2022, we launched Knowledgeable Aging® PRO (“KA PRO”), a Business-to-Business (B2B) product offering. Our KA PRO product will assist professionals in becoming the “local aging resource." There are two plans available with the KA PRO program: 

KA PRO Insight: a monthly subscriber plan consisting of online video content, which are conversations with professionals in the aging space. These professionals have expertise in the areas of Finance, Health & Wellness, Housing, Legal, Marketing, Social Media and Technology.

KA PRO One-to-One Coaching: a private coaching program that will be customized for each student and their objectives and business processes.  This program will consist of 2 private (one-to-one) coaching sessions each month, provided live ‘virtually’. There is no long-term commitment required and the program can be purchased one month at a time, but the program is designed to cover 12 months (24 one to one coaching sessions).

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